Wednesday, February 26, 2014 @ 1:05 AM

Hi, so um, I've been thinking about Billy's advice. He told me that I should make a decision. I think he's right. I have two choices, tell him the truth or just let him go. So far, I think I've made a right decision. I think I should let him go. I've been suffered enough all this time. I've been depressing over the same shit everyday. I think by let him go is the best way for me. I think he doesn't care anymore. The waits are over. I don't care who he wanna be friend with, do whatever he want, whatever, I just don't wanna know anything about him anymore. I'm too tired. Tired than tired. I'm reaching my limit. It's time to really really really let him go and forget about him. People said that in order to achieve something better and bigger, we should let go something that we have now. I guess I HAD a very beautiful and rough relationship. I hope the next one will be real. I just can't wait to get back to Kuantan and end everything. I'm just too excited for it. I think I should slowly forget about him from now. I'll do the 'closure' for our relationship soon. For now, just focus on trying to forget about him. I've learned so many thing from this. Thanks to that guy who gave me so much hope. I shouldn't believe in people's promises. There's too many lies in this life. Our memories and relationship are fading away starting from now on. x