Hey bestie, Fu Keng Yik ! ♡
Monday, April 22, 2013 @ 10:24 PM

WARNING : This post contain broken English. R.I.P English. Sobs :'( And I will post another part about my bestfriends, Afieq and Hilmi!

Hey hey hey hey hello there! Yay, it's me with another post. Lol, i'm just too happy with this post idea. *ehem ehem* Okay, so today i'm going to post about one of my bestfriends, FU KENG YIK ! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Okay *ehem ehem* enough. Ummm, where do I begin. *suddenly blank* LOL, just kidding, please be serious *slap myself* Once upon a time, at all-boys-school, SMK Saint Thomas I met this guy. I don't know how we met or when we first talked with each other. Idk, I knew him unexpectedly. *ah, pakai hentam je guna ayat English tu, lol* Maybe because he always hang-out with my friends, Sh, Azeem, Farriz, Suib AND maybe because we're librarians. *srsly, i don't have any idea how we met, Fu please don't punch me in the face!* So, everyday is normal as a librarians, we always hang-out and study at our school library, lunch at KFC@Megamall, go to Arcade, and karaoke in the library! *i know this sounds not normal, but when our batch (batch 1995 a.k.a Form 5 2012) take control the library, so many fun things happened. I'm the secretary biyatchhh! lol* Okay, let's get back to our topic, ummm, when the first time *when we're not know each other very well* I think Fu is one of the smart student which means he won't be friend or even talk to me. But, idk, I always saw him stick with Azeem, Farriz, Suib and others librarian *fyi, they're in the same class* 

Fu with his new hairstyle @ our high school library. Can't stop staring at it! Looks different. Lol

Day by day, me and Fu getting closer. But then, when I was form 5, in the middle of the year, i've been through a lots of bad things. It's getting worse. Okay, let me cut the unnecessary craps. One day at the library, evening, it just me and Fu in the library. I told him about my problem with my 'bff' , he just sit there and listen to my craps and shitty story with my weird-bahasa-melayu-accent stories. And for the first time I shared my big problem and it was the first time I cried infront of my friends *except watching sad movies and etc* I don't know why I told him. I just feel like I can trust him. He always gave me useful advice. He was there when I'm down. Fu is just the most kind, good, smart, and-all-the-good-words friends I ever met. His favorite number is 7. LOL *correct right? Don't lie to me! :p * Idk, things getting better and we become closer and closer. Yeah, we're from different race, religion, skin color, and all-the-different-things-that-i-don't-remember-while-i'm-typing but, idk how to explain. He just nice and kind! Idk he will become my bestfriend. I hope we stay as a bestfriend forever although we're not going to study at the same college together :') x 

I'm a paparazzi! Mwahahahaha. >:D