Let's Smile.
Friday, August 24, 2012 @ 12:59 PM

I think after this I don't want update those 'sad story' story anymore . Why ? Because I'm strong now . I can accept everything . Although I'm losing some of my happiness at that school , but I know that God always have something that so much better than now .  FYI , I just got this uneasy feeling . I feel like SOMEONE made up a story and SOMEONE gave me a stupid statement and it's so fking annoyed me . Sorry if I hurt you , but I hurt MORE ! Everything that you do now start to annoyed me , your attitude , your words and all of your FAKE story . I won't trust you like I did before . You want to see another me ? Open your eyes and look at me , I've changed now ! Not bad huh ? I'm stronger than before . I'm not gonna be sad and cry anymore like before . I don't care what will you do , but I want to tell you something . I have my own happiness now , if you ruin it don't ever call me your friend anymore because you shouldn't be my friend . 

I'm bad ? But , please think about it . I'm the one who always cry alone . I always solve my problem alone . I always cheer up myself alone . Almost everything I do it alone . You only come to me when I'm happy , but you never come to me when I was sad . After this , please don't give any 'FRIEND FOREVER' words to me , because it's too late . TOO LATE . You've done so many things that hurt me A LOT ........

Sorry if there's any typo's or grammar error

Someone Stronger ,