Seventeen !
Wednesday, September 5, 2012 @ 9:24 PM

YEAHHHHH . I'm officially Seventeen *it's my birthday* ! Times fly soooo freaking fast . There's a lot of fun and awful things happened to me when I was Sixteen years old . Although I've lost someone that I used to trust , but seems like it's the will of God . Maybe He have something even better for me in the future . InsyaAllah . So far , I can stand on my own feet without anybody there to help me after I'm falling down . <--- If you know what I mean.... Ughhh , I don't want to remember about it anymore . I give up to be nice to the others . Now it's my turn to love myself :) I can go shopping alone , watch movies alone and do almost everything alone and I feel happy . Starting from now on , I'll forget the past and MOVE ON . 

Good bye Sixteen , hello Seventeen :D 

On my new journey , I will try to find someone that I can trust , someone that will appreciate me and care about me life the true best friend do . Someone that know what is 'loyalty' . Someone that will always stay with me when i'm happy and when i'm sad . I promise to myself not to easily trust anyone from now on . Just enjoy me teenagers life . Woooohooooo ! I wanna enjoy my youth and I don't give a fukk to anyone that trying to stop me. I'm gonna live my life happily like those fairy tales :') Weehee . I will complete my wishlist and do make a new wishlist soon ! Ahhhh , I can't describe it , I'm just so happy :D I will be the new me :) A better one . And to everyone that wish me a happy birthday at facebook , twitter , text message and real life , I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :)

Birthday boy,
Fahmi Nordin