Over Thinking .
Sunday, August 5, 2012 @ 10:33 PM

Recently , I've been over thinking , every night before I sleep . I wonder are he , she or they always think about me ? I always sticking around with someone or people that doesn't know me 100% . But , I have no one . I wonder when will I met the 'everlasting one' in my life . The one that know myself more than other people , the one that who can understand me , the one always be by my side when i'm down , the one who cry together with me , the one who act like i'm his or her best friend in the world , the one that will never get bored with my story , the one that can stand with my childish or ridiculous act , the one that always give me a hand when I need a help , the one who try to make impossible to possible , and the one that always stay by my side forever . I will always pray that HE gonna be the one that i'm wishing for all this time . He told me that i'm his best friend once ... But after all of this mess , is he still think that i'm his best friend ? That question haunted me every night . I was so scared to know the answer . I really want to know the answer , but in the same time I feel so scared . Really scared . I will never forget the Friday night , he is the first one who make me feel like i'm his best friend ... And , if I lose him , I don't think I can replace the amazing friend like him . 

Sincerely ,