Oh, busy again.
Friday, April 13, 2012 @ 8:56 PM

Hello ,

So , i'm here again to clean all the spider-web at this site . (LOL) . Okay actually now i'm so busy with my school activity , camp and need to prepare for mid-year exam and making my Baby Room for Art subject . Take a look at this cute hand-made furniture . It's 100% from me . Teeeheee :p

Above : My baby closet , baby bed and mom chair !

Above :  Hey look , it's TV cabinet and plasma TV for my baby room . LOL . Oh by the way I love the tiny flower pot over there :)

Above : This is my best friend furniture , Sheikh Aiman . (Mine is better than you lahhhh!)

Above : This furniture gonna be superb awesome . Muahahaha :D

Down Note : Gonna post this project photo's very soon :)