I Win Ze Korean Drama Contest !
Monday, April 2, 2012 @ 11:49 AM

Hello awesome readers ! Okay this is a good news .........................................  I WIN A KOREAN DRAMA CONTEST (SOAW). Weeeheee :D Alhamdulillah , after 2 weeks waiting for the call , finally ze Original Soundtrack was here in my hand RIGHT NOW *excited face* lol :p Today i'm not going to school because I feel unwell , BUT this DVD worth it , lol . Thanks to that abang post man :D *shouting : THANKS ABANG*  . I'M THE MOST HAPPIEST PERSON IN ZE WORLD TODAYYYYYYYYY ! Ahak's :D

So , this is the picture of me being stupid : 

^Ze awesome DVD and ze stupid face of me :p 

Down note : Walaupun habis RM80.00 untuk beli DVD  original cerita tu , at least ianya mendatangkan hasil . Muahahaha :D FIRST TIME menang pertandingan , hahaha :D