Best Camp Ever : SMK Saint Thomas . Kursus Kepimpinan 2012
Sunday, March 25, 2012 @ 9:43 PM

Hi humans , thanks for visiting my blog . So , the camp is over yesterday , it was so sad to leave Taman Pertanian because that camp is AWESOME camp ever (camp for club/sport chairman , prefect and librarian) ! :) Okay , even i'm photographer , but this year I follow them for the NIGHT WALK and JUNGLE TRACKING . It was so effing amazing . SERIOUSLY . I hope that camp will be held for 1 week or something , lol :p Seriously , for one more time I wanna shout out loud , KEM KURSUS KEPIMPINAN IS ZE BEST CAMP EVAAAAAA ! Wooohooooo :D A lot of excitement . WE ARE ZE AWESOME LEADERS ! :D I don't know how to express myself about the camp because it really really fun . I really enjoyed my stay at Taman Pertanian (2 days , 1 night) . Anyway , check out this video , footage and picture taken and edited by ME :D

Down note : I WILL MISS THIS CAMP . Because it was my senior a.k.a last year for High School :( SO SADDDDDDDD *buat muka nak menangis , lol kbye*