Blurb -___-
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @ 10:08 PM

Hi .
So yeah today is same like others ordinary day at school .
Laughing and blah blah blah .
Feel so tired today .
Not today , but everyday .
Lols :p

K , tadi dekat sekolah macam biasa lah hobby saye masa tak ada cikgu
Jalan jalan pergi kelas sana sini .
Then suddenly ada orang 'memerli' about my fugly artwork .
K , I tried to ignore 'em .
And then I tell myself ,
"Sabar.Manusia memang suka mengutuk.Just wait.One day i'll laugh at them back.I'll show to them that I can do it.MUCH BETTER than their shitty art."
I can accept all the positive and negative comment about my design .
But they are too much.
In my head , I killed 'em 3 times -____-

I will never give up .
This is life .
Another experience I learned today .

To da dumb ass : You make me realize something . THANKS BUT , NO THANKS . Take your shitty words and put in your mouth .

The new beginning of 2012 , sucks .
Kbai .