It's time to move on :')
Thursday, May 30, 2013 @ 11:16 PM

Hello guys. So, in less than 48 hours i'm leaving my lovely, one and only, beautiful Kuantan city. Yes, it's hard for me to make this decision, but this is what I want since i was in high school. I know it's not a short period, but i'm doing this for my family, especially my Mom. I'm on the right track to achieve my dreams. I would spend 3 years at UiTM Sri Iskandar, Perak for Graphic And Digital Media course. Everything will changed in 3 years. 

The reason why i'm sad is, i'm gonna leave all the beautiful and precious memories here, in Kuantan. I grew up here. This is my home. Forever and always. If i can choose any place in this world to live, I would choose Kuantan. This is amazing place ever. I'm gonna leave my high-school, SMK Saint Thomas. The place that changed my life, the place that I learned about life. Friendship, love, heartbroken, sacrifice, happiness, and most importantly i learned more about myself. I'm gonna leave my bestfriend, Fu Keng Yik and Afieq. But the sad thing is, I think i'm not going to spend or talk to Afieq anymore. I'm gonna miss him. Maybe I think I should get over it. Maybe this is the last time I will talk about him. I'm gonna miss Fu too. But we've made a promise. Keep in contact. I will miss them A LOT. They're countless. But, I will always meet Fu whenever I have eve holidays or sem breaks :) Afieq, maybe i'm not going to meet him or talk to him anymore. I wish I didn't met him anywhere in this 3 years. I want to meet him when i'm a successful Graphic Designer or when he need me or if he ever think about me or when he really fight for our friendship. InsyaAllah I will be successful. I will try to be the best. Every night I would cried because I need to leave everything in Kuantan. I just want time to stop, I want to enjoy all the happiness that I have. I can't express this feelings in words, but I just really love everything that I have. Thank you God. 

But here we are, this is what we called LIFE. We must leave something precious and we love to achieve something bigger and better for our future. Enjoy and appreciate everything that you have. Life goes on and on. There's a lot of new adventure. Maybe I miss my high-school memories or known as a past too much, but it's time to create a new memories in my life. There's nothing I can do with past. Just sit and cry everytime I think about it.

Right now. I'm facing another stage of life. Wish me good luck and be a successful Graphic Designer. Amin!

P/s: I know, soon i'm gonna make a post about how much I miss everything when I'm at university. Srsly. I'm  so sure. So, this post, to be continued.......