Ze Last Day Before HOLIDAY !
Friday, March 9, 2012 @ 10:08 PM

Hello awesome humans (V) . Thanks for visit and read-up-read-down my post and everything ordinary around here . So , let's start it ! Teeeeeeheeeeeee .

First , hari ni ada Pertandingan Pidato - Peringkat Daerah . K , I'm camera man . Pidato for this year ? Not bad . But I think last year is much better lah . LOL . Seriously :p

Second , today is Cikgu Shahrul last day at SMK Saint Thomas . The sad moment is when he give a speech at assembly . Ohhhh , kenapa cikgu mintak tukar ..... *buat muka sedih walaupun tak keluar air mata*

Okay Last , today we goes to cinema (me,sheikh,azeem and fu) . K , I though we're going to watch The Lorax butttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt the movie already started (at 2.30pm) . Zat Wazzzz Zoooo Zadddd :( K , then we don't have any other choice because only John Carter are showing at 3.20 pm . We need to go back home before 5.30 pm .  Okay first , I though it was ze freaking boring movie ....... but after 20 minute , the INTERESTING-O-METER keep increasing . LOL , the movie getting interesting and awesome. That was funny becuz this is my first-all-time-favorite-war-weird-movie *i think so lahhh* . I'll rate 4.5 STARS for John Carter ! I'm gonna watch it for the second time . Teeeeeeheeeeee :p

Down note : K ekceli kitorang plan nak ajak Cikgu Shahrul , tapi sy tunggu dengan Sheikh dia tak datang . Kalau Cikgu Shahrul baca post ni , sy nak mintak maaf sebab tak jumpa Cikgu tadi dekat sekolah/library . Nak call tak ada kredit :( Okay Rabu depan kitorang ajak Cikgu tengok The Lorax . Okay ? Hehehe :D Kbai .