Yeah . Great .
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 @ 12:53 AM

Hello humans (V) Thanks to all blog walkers and readers . I know my blog is boring recently (i think it always boring) , but that doesn't mean my life is like that too . Yeah , I do enjoy blogging but sometimes I feel this is the best way to express how I feel ,  what i've been through , what is my dreams . Maybe my life is not like the other awesome humans . My friends ? Friends ....... It was easy to say , but hard to prove it . They does not know what is the true meaning of FRIEND .They maybe think I'm the most laziest creature , stupid , no future , ridiculous ,  and always do weirdos things . But a true friends will always support and give a help . Sometimes I realize who is my true friends . But what should I do . Even I talk to them or not talk to them , in the end , I will always alone , and my family , laptop and music will only my friend . My friend only stick with me when we're happy , but if i'm sad , no one will care about me , and they can still joking around . I'm so disappointed with some of my friend . I though they we're good , but even the small promise they can't do it for me . PROMISE is like a JOKE to them .... Why only me the one who need understand ? I have heart and feelings too . Selfish . I'm not deserve to be sad thinking about the useless creature .

I don't know why my life turn up like this , but I know God is testing me right now . I know He have a good plan for me in the future . Insyaallah :)

Down note : Hope everything run smoothly in the future . Amin .