The Feeling That I Can't Describe
Monday, February 27, 2012 @ 6:14 PM

Holla people's (^_^) Thanks for keep blogwalking and/or read-up read-down my post . 

So yeah this is examination week and it's totally make me so effing nervous like.......uhhh........k , forget it . Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah really make my brain stuck . I can't even remember my name ! LOL , k just kidding :p but actually it's not that hard , just need to study and do revision MORE . I'm gonna get straight A's in SPM ! WOOOHOOOO *oh-so-happy-me* . Haha :p So , tomorrow is Mathematics which will makes my brain stuck for the second time , then Perdagangan paper also will make me ....... uhhh I don't know what should I say . I want study-no-stop-until-get-tired tonight ! Good luck all student that have exam this week and other weird-name-of-exam . Ahak's ! We can do it baby :3 

Oh by the way , today I didn't see my EN , oh so sad :( I though my EN gonna wait me at Keropok stall ..... butttttttt ...... uhhh so sad :'( K I hope tomorrow I will meet my lovey-dovey-hovey-movey-bover-govey-jovey-zovey-qovey-tovey-rovey-povey-kovey-fovey EN <3 Ahak's :)

Down note : Yeah my English is not as good as your's but I want you to know that trying is better than not trying to do it . And it will be much better than people who like to judge others . Right ? *im not point this to everyone , but ..... faham faham je lah * God Bless You Friends :') Ahak's ! *muka gedik mintak pelempang* . Kbai