Something that I never learn to pronounce .
Friday, August 26, 2011 @ 1:47 AM

I can't sleep tonight ,
Because i'm thinking of you ...
I can't close my eyes ,
Because i'm dreaming about you ...
I'm breathless ,
Because you take my breath away ...

Everytime I look at you ,
My heart is melting ...
Everytime we touch ,
My heart skip a beat ...

Your smile make my day happier ,
Your laugh make me nervous ,
Your touch make my heart melt ,
Your voice is like a music in me .

You are the reason that make me laugh ,
You are the reason that make me smile ,
You are the reason that make me happy every single day .

It's like catching lightening ,
The chances of finding someone like you .
It's one in a million ,
The chances of feeling I do .
Dear , you are the best thing that I ever had .

I don't know the way to say that I Love You more meaningful to you . But I hope you feel the same way too ❤

I really do love you :*