Beginning of my new life .
Monday, July 18, 2011 @ 6:15 PM

Beginning of my new life . Hmmmmph . So far so good . There's a lot of awesome things that happen to me . I never feel so happy like this before :) Plus , my capital A always in my heart everywhere I go . I have so much happy time with my best friend , Sheikh Aiman . Thank's God because you give me the most kind best friend that I ever had . I really love my best friend :') I try to forget what happen to me , try to forget the sad moment . I don't need it anymore in my life . I want a happy , awesome , incredible , and etc life :D I hope everything gonna be better in future . Amin .

P/s : Take care and always smile . Trying to love everybody ! Friendly is Awesome Jyeahhhhhh ! :]