Sidang redaksi .
Thursday, June 16, 2011 @ 11:52 PM

Okay , Cikgu Harmony cakap minggu depan dah start Sidang Redaksi ! I was like "Oh My God :O !" . So , saye akan busy nanti :) Hehe *biasa lah kan* . By the way , tak tahu siapa jadi ketua editor . I hope it's Form 5 student *hafiz ramlan* . Yay :D . I can't be ketua editor SEBAB saye tak boleh nak mengarah and tak ada pengalaman :O

Okay , second thing yang saye nak cakap . If anything or someone that make me FED-UP or trying to take me down when I doing my job , I gonna QUIT it , and I wanna say something to them , "FUCK YOU , BITCH !" . So , if anyone dare to challenge me , come on . Get your ass infront of me and let me kick it and let the dog fuck it . Don't be a stupid bitch that say thaa fucking word like a dog on my blog chatbox and say that i'm copycat or talking about my fat ! 'Cuz I don't have a time for it . It's fucking CHILDISH k . It's not cool .

Tomorrow is the best day that make's my last day at school for this week AWESOME .

Bye. :)