Saturday, July 21, 2012 @ 11:41 PM

Today , I', gonna tell what I feel about someone that important to me . Once upon a time , he's completely a stranger , but now he's someone that makes my day at school happy than usual . It's true what people said , a single 'Hi' can lead us to many ways . I think this is one of a good way for me . First time when I met him , I never though this gonna happen . I think he is just like my other ordinary friends at school but it's not . "Don't judge a book by it's cover" , yeah , that quotes is for me now . He's not like the others . I always think that he is nothing ..... but now , he is SOMETHING .... I want him back .... The one that I know on 13 July 2012 ...

I know this is really hard to say when we're face-to-face . I can't say it out . Well , now i'm gonna write what i'm going about to tell him soon......... Actually , I would like to make him my best friend . Yes, seriously . I can feel that he understand me . It's hard to find someone like him . So yeah , it's kinda awkward . But who cares ? I don't care what people gonna say about this .

16th July 2012 , something unexpected happened . Yeah , it's really make me shocked and sad . But , actually it's not a problem for me , everyone have right to judge someone . There's a lot of sad things happened after he say those 'hurt' words . Until now , he doesn't speak to me . We're completely like a stranger . I tried to do the same things , but , I can't . Seriously ..... I can't ..... It's impossible to hate my best friend . I love them so much . I'm sorry Afieq because being so immature . I was sooooo stupid . If I have a time machine.... *sigh* :( Seriously , i'm S-O-R-R-Y ! Please , don't go..... i'm begging you ....

Everytime I do my prayer , I will ask from God to make this friendship remain the same for forever . Dear my best friend , Sheikh , Afieq and Fu Keng Yik ... Thank you for being my super duper awesome friend . I HEART YOU GUYS A LOT k . You guys makes my day awesome than ever :') <3

P/s: Yeah , they don't know that they are my bestfriend . But i'll let them know one day / soon .

P/ss: Sorry for my bad/broken English . #OhMyEnglish . Well , i'm still learning.

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