Oh It's Friday Everybody 11.11.11 .
Friday, November 11, 2011 @ 11:42 PM

Katy Perry <3 The One That Got Away Fan Made :') Yes , she's pretty .

Hey oh guys !
Kays , today is the awezome friday :D
Yeah , ShowTimeSea is OPEN BETA now . *fyi,it's online singing dancing game*
And , today The One That got Away video is out !

Well , at school , I have a fcking awezome moment .
Of course with my bestie , SHEIKH AIMAN .
We have 'mission impossible' at teacher's room today .
To sheikh : Pssst , jangan bagi tahu orang apa yang kita buat tadi okay ? Hehehehe .

So , I just get back from ECM .
Yeah , have a great time with Fahmi Arieef and Farah Zakiah at SUSHI King .
Just now I feel soooooooo awkward and too shy to talk or joke with em.
I don't know why :p
Haha .
Btw , thanks for the sushi & ice cream !
Hope next time i'll be talkative k ? :D

And I must sleep earlier today .
Cuz tomorrow we have B.B.Q partaaaayyyyyyyyyy !

P/s : Just let the people make a shit . Just forget it and have fun bitch ! :)